Solutions for you Water desalination Mi-Vision

IEX-Full demineralisation

A large part of the water required in industrial processes must be fully demineralised. Water desalination with the help of ion exchangers offers the possibility of achieving extremely low residual salt contents and thus meeting the high demands of many processes or even recirculating water.

We offer comprehensive assistance in the field of water desalination. E.g. by renting and supervising pilot plants for testing purposes, supporting studies or cost optimisation of an existing plant  or the design calculation of a new plant .

Self diagnosis / Mi-Vision

Have you always dreamed of optimising the regeneration agent consumption of your DI system in real time? Or are you curious about how intensive self-diagnosis can be carried out on your DI system? Or are you thinking of purchasing a Na or SiO2 analyser?

Then you’d better contact our Mi-Vision team first or have a look at our own Mi-Vision website.

Ultra-Pure purifications

You want to carry out demineralisation in the trace range, e.g. for the use of surfactant solutions or solvents in the electronic grade range?

The fine purification of such products with ion exchangers is a frequent task, so we are even getting a clean room this year.

We are happy to support you in process development in issues such as:

  • Feasibility studies on a laboratory scale
  • Contract production on a pilot plant scale
  • customer sampling

If these are your topics, then contact us!


Electrodialysis is a very practical procedure when the salt concentrations are in the multi-molar range. Here, the application range of the ion exchanger, which is rather in the smaller salt content up to the extremely low ion content, is usefully supplemented upwards. Combination processes are then also often a very good solution.

Thanks to our expertise in both areas, we can always find the optimum for you in terms of economic efficiency with the required residual salt content and costs, without having to insist on one of the two technologies.

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