Solutions for you Process solutions

Your chemical processes and products are the topic. There are hardly any limits to the process engineering imagination. If you only suspect that it could work with ion exchangers or our membrane processes, contact us!

Solutions for you water desalination

Much more than the “bread and butter” process for ion exchangers. It’s hard to believe what has developed in this field in recent years. Cost pressure on the one hand and increasing requirements on the other. This forces effective solutions, which we can provide for you.

Solutions for you metal surface technology valves orange

Metals in aqueous solutions are very common in the automotive industry, electroplating and in the waste water sector. The spectrum ranges from desalination to complex bath care processes. These have been our topics for decades!

Solutions for you environmental technology laboratory
From low to very low concentration. And as selectively as possible, because complete desalination to remove only a few toxic substances is not economical. Often a home game for ion exchangers!

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