Services process development

You want to solve a process engineering problem via ion exchange, adsorption, nanofiltration, forward osmosis or electrodialysis. Then you are in the right place!

Services Resin research microscope

You need analyses of the ion exchangers in your plant to estimate the remaining service life or to narrow down a problem. Our laboratory can help you.

Services resin examinations microscope

You need sample quantities for your new process or would like to use the newly developed product in other pilots. You cannot find the resin in the form you need. We help in kg to a few t scale.

Services technology offer Joachim

You see a need for action in your existing plant. An audit, an assessment, a recalculation can help. This is what you get here.

Services technology offer Joachim

Not only ion exchange or adsorption are our core technologies, but for years also forward osmosis, nanofiltration and electrodialysis. We are also happy to select or combine them for you.

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