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Service production

Are you looking for a producer for pilot quantities of your new product?

Do you need service production using ion exchange resins or membrane technologies to manufacture your customer samples? Or is your goal to prepare ion exchangers and adsorbents in special loaded or cleaned qualities in order to be able to produce with them yourself?

We offer a broad spectrum for such tasks.

Dry grinding

  • Ion exchangers in powder form: Commercial ion exchangers in spherical form are ground into a particle size range defined by you and dried.
  • The ion exchangers to be ground can also be converted in advance into a specially desired ionic form.
  • Do you need powdered ion exchangers in pharmaceutical grade quality?
  • Do you need GMP conformity?
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Resin modification

  • We condition commercially available ion exchangers into the individual ionic form you require if, for example, the manufacturers themselves do not offer these forms. E.g. Ca++, Mg++, K+, NH4+, Zn++, F–, H2PO4–usw.

Is your desired ion missing?

Sample quantities

What are the benefits of producing with us?

  • You have developed a new process and do not yet have a pilot plant. You can obtain the sample quantities for your customers from us.
  • Our wide range of pilot plants enables samples in litre scale up to m3 scale for you. Production safety is our job, not yours!
  • Desalination and purification in the trace range are your topic? Then sample production in the electronic grade range is exactly your solution with us.

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