Seminar and workshop

Water Chemistry for Demineralisation Plants

Topic: Chemistry of acids and solutions, Organic matter and its removal, Silica and carbonic acid problems, Measuring and troubleshooting

Who is it for? Everyone who is interested in DI-plants, process engineering and chemical engineering.

When? 08. + 09.10.2024

Where? Lindner Hotel BayArena, Leverkusen

Requirements: This seminar is an advanced seminar. Previous participation in one of our basic seminars beforehand is definitely recommended.

This seminar is just right for you if …

… you are already familiar with the basic characteristics of a DI-line (function, operation, failure analysis and resin properties)

… and would like to learn more about the field of TOC reduction.

… you are interested in the chemistry of silica and its particularities in the DI-line.

… you have always wanted to know how to calculate the measurement results in a DI-line before taking a measurement.

… you know that measurements only help if you know in advance what the results should be!

The following topics will be discussed during the seminar

  • Dissociation and association in solutions
  • Behaviour of carbonic acid, acids in general, pKa values
  • Classification of organics
  • Pretreatment methods and TOC reduction
  • Adsorption behaviour of organic matter on ion exchangers
  • Chemistry of silica and its adsorption in ion exchange plants
  • Water chemistry calculability in IA plants
  • Advanced measurement techniques and surprising results
  • The intensity of the different sub-topics can be adapted to the interests of the respective group of participants. The content presented here is simplified to give you an overview.


    1st day

    • Start 9:00
    • End approx. 17:00
    • approx. 18:00 dinner together

    2nd day

    • Start 8:30-9:00 (by arrangement)
    • End approx. 16:00-17:00

    Overnight stays and seminar location

    Lindner Hotel BayArena Leverkusen

    Bismarckstraße 118, D-51373 Leverkusen
    Phone +49-(0)214-8663-0

    The price for the night in a single room, including breakfast buffet per night is 114,00€ incl. VAT and is a preferential rate when booking through the MionTec GmbH.

    We will gladly do the hotel reservation depending on availability and early registration.

    Please note: We kindly ask you to settle these costs with the hotel before your departure!


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      Frequently asked questions

      The price includes drinks, snacks, lunch buffet on the seminar days and dinner on the first day, as well as the seminar documents.

      If you register at least 3 months before the beginning of the seminar, you will receive an Early Bird Discount of 80,00 € (net) on the seminar price.

      Previous participation in one of our basic seminars beforehand is definitely recommended – said our participants.

      Please bring a calculator with logarithmic function, as we also want to work with practical numerical examples. Smartphone calculators in scientific mode are also sufficient.

      There may be important reasons that do not allow you to attend the seminar. However, should there be no written cancellation until 14 days before the beginning of the seminar, please understand that we have to charge the seminar fee and, if applicable, the room reservation made for you in full. Invoicing takes place after the seminar.

      We limit the number of participants to ensure optimal learning quality and lead a waiting list, if seminars are overbooked.

      Your contact person for further questions

      Aurora Bellanova