In recent years, MionTec has carried out many projects, some of them funded by the federal government, and has also developed new processes on its own initiative, often applying for patents.

  • Development of a forward osmosis demonstrator plant (ZIM-Koop of the BMWi)
  • Robust and energy-saving seawater desalination by continuous forward osmosis (KIT)
  • Ion exchange system for the reduction of sinter in building drains (AiF)
  • Dewatering of foodstuffs by means of forward osmosis whey, fruit juices etc.) (AiF, ZIM)
  • Sulphate depletion by means of forward osmosis and hollow fibre immersion modules
  • BMBF programme: “Water Research and Water Innovations for Sustainability – Water:N
  • Concentration of ion exchange effluents by forward osmosis (patent application)
  • Process for increasing the absorption capacity of a non-regenerable arsenic adsorber capable of being deposited by upstream connection of a regenerable arsenic adsorber (patent application)
  • Method for regenerating an ion exchanger condensate purification plant (patent application)
  • Method for determining the silica concentration and/or the TOC concentration at the end of a demineralisation line (patent application)
  • Analysis tool for monitoring and diagnosis of ion exchanger demineralisation plants. Tool for the prediction of process values. (Mi-Vision)
Academy Research Activities Apple

Funding partners

  • ttz Bremerhaven e.V.
  • G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • fluvicon GmbH
  • Deukum GmbH
  • ZBL Borna
  • Fraunhofer IGB
  • HTW Dresden
  • HS Mittweida

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