Seminar for Supervisors and Engineers

Next event: 22. and 23.04.2020 in Leverkusen, Lindner BayArena Hotel

The target group of these dates are Supervisors of demineralisation plants(e.g. plant engineers, chemists, laboratory manager)
The speakers are: Dr. Dieter Mauer und M.Eng. Sandra Lambertz

Here you can download the flyer with information, price and registration

The topic:

Gain more information on what’s going on in ion exchange systems and decide based on reliable knowledge when it comes to the function and operation of your plant. Benefit from our experience in reviewing and analysing problematic plant conditions. Find out what the results of a resin analysis tell you.

Contents of the seminar:

1st day:

  • Some helpful water chemistry tools
  • How the common IEX-resins work
  • Operation and process engineering of demineralisation plants

2nd day:

  • Peculiarities of mixed beds
  • System analysis, troubleshooting in case of problems
  • Interpretation of resin examinations
  • Fouling, special treatments, disinfection


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