Why resin examinations?

Avoiding unnecessary costs
One of the main directives is reducing costs. On the one hand, excessive costs can be caused by premature replacement of still good resin beds or by excessive use of spent resins with high chemical consumption
(PDF, 1 page, currently only available in German)

We maintain close relationships to the common manufacturers of ion exchangers. But otherwise we are not participating in selling and refilling, so you can rely on an assessment of your sample that is entirely independent from the manufacturer.

Short time of precessing
Because of flexible employment of our staff, your examination order will be answered usually within approx. 3-5 business days. If further arrangements are made, it may take some time depending on the method. Here we adjust to your requirements.

Flexible organisation of the examination
We have put together a set of exams for routine purposes for you. This enables a fundamental assessment of the state of the resin.
We will answer further question e.g. on the efficiency of cleansing treatment or to the cause of damages with advice and action.
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Competence and experience in handling and reporting
In the first place, the report is intended to provide you with a decision-making basis for further action. With this goal, we will, of course, provide you with a very detailed overview of all measured values (for interpretative aids, see below) and add meaningful and large-format microscope pictures.
In addition, the assessment and comparison is an integral part of the comments. In the end, a comprehensive recommendation on how to proceed further should be made wherever possible.
Of course, we are also available for telephone explanations and discussions!
(PDF, 4 pages, 760kb, currently only available in German)
(PDF, 4 pages, 780kb, currently only available in German)

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