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Processes in chemistry

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Ion exchange processes are often good solutions in classical chemical engineering when it comes to ” desalination” of organic solutions. Examples are the removal of sodium, potassium, calcium, heavy metals, but also chloride and other anions from the process solution.

Or you want to extract an organic ionic product molecule or even a precious metal from the process solution.

What many people do not know: Ion exchange processes also work with organic solvents, not only in aqueous systems.

Ion exchangers can also be used advantageously as solid-phase catalysts (heterogeneous catalysis, e.g. in biodiesel production).

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Solutions for you Process solutions


Ion exchange and adsorption processes are well known processes in biochemistry for the purification of enzymes, antibodies and other molecules.

For example, do you need process development with commercially available ion exchangers and adsorbents in the life science sector?

Or are you working in the food sector, in pharmacy and also in biotechnology?

Are you working on the decolourisation, desalination, softening or purification of biological solutions? Do you want to extract valuable substances from them?

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