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Contract research and laboratory-scale developments

You would like to solve a process engineering problem via ion exchange, adsorption, nanofiltration, forward osmosis or electrodialysis?

We are happy to support you with the determination of experimental data and find the most favourable solution for your process.

When developing or optimising a process, it often makes sense to carry out laboratory-scale tests first. The laboratory scale offers several advantages. Valuable information for a later operational design can be obtained there with a relatively low material input of process solutions and consumables. The time required to prepare and set up the plant is significantly less than for pilot-scale trials. As a result, these trials can often be carried out very promptly and deliver initial results quickly.

However, the laboratory scale is also useful for resin screening experiments in order to be able to examine several ion exchangers in parallel under constant conditions with a low material and time expenditure.

If you do not have your own facilities for analysing samples, we are also happy to offer you a wide range of analysis options for the experiments via our partner laboratories.

Our project work of course also includes the scientific evaluation and assessment of the results.

Let our references from various industries inspire you:

  • Applications from the chemical industry
  • Life science applications
  • Ultra-pure cleaning
  • Applications from metal surface technology
  • Water desalination
  • Waste water treatment

Send us your enquiry or give us a call.

We would be happy to offer you an initial meeting at your premises or ours to discuss your problem and possible solutions. In this way, we can subsequently offer you tests that are individually tailored to your task. If the feasibility of the process is given on the basis of the results from the laboratory tests, you also have the option of renting one of our pilot plants in order to be able to carry out tests on a larger scale at your site. This allows you to test the new process intensively before planning a possible plant.

Services Process Development

Pilot testing

The laboratory phase has been successfully completed and the transfer to large scale is imminent. The pilot plants required for this are often very expensive – if they cannot be rented!

We offer universal or also customised pilot plants for your task for rent or purchase. The size of the components used can vary from a few litres to m3 scale, depending on the requirements.

This makes it possible to continuously record measurement data, such as concentrations, pH values and conductivities, through on-site tests with original feed resolution. Unexpected effects can then no longer come as an unpleasant surprise when you commission your finished large-scale plant.

These plants can usually be operated fully automatically and are equipped with highly flexible recipe controls, so that you can implement your ideas about the process very easily and, above all, realistically.


You want to build an ion exchange plant for your new process. We have already found the most favourable conditions together. Alternatively, you can of course come to us with your own experience or an established process.

Regardless of the source of the basic information, we will design the most favourable concept for your new plant. With our basic engineering, we prepare the technical documentation for you for the tender. We design a customised recipe to make your process control as efficient as possible. This enables cost estimates to be made at an early stage of planning.

In order to ensure the optimal implementation of recipe control, we also create a control concept specially adapted for you as part of our PCT package.

If you wish, we will also be happy to obtain and compare quotations from various plant manufacturers. We then support you in the detailed planning, programming, construction and commissioning.

The design of your plant will incorporate the latest developments on the process engineering market as well as our decades of experience. Please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail to take advantage of the opportunity to let us design your process reliably and efficiently from the very beginning!

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