Why spend a lot of money on building a pilot plant when it can be done much more cheaply. Simply rent the system for your pilot project! We have many universal plants available for you. They can do a lot, probably including your process.

Plant engineering pilot plants for sale

If our range of rental plants does not cover your requirements, we will build exactly the right variant for you. Or you simply want to own a universal system yourself, because the topic will accompany you for a longer time. Then you have come to the right place.

Mi-Vison Cabinet

Your DI plant can now run autonomously! Always the right amount of regenerant, always safe operation without undetected breakthroughs. And this system can also do a lot more, e.g. measure silicic acid. Curious

Plant engineering GfK columns

Are you still annoyed by your “blind” columns from GRP? That doesn’t have to be the case. Here you will find the alternative for your installation. Lightweight, because made of GRP, but cost-effective, because with windows, nozzle bottoms, manholes.

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