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Our own energy supply

A sustainable and responsible approach to our resources and our environment is a high priority for us.
Our entire roof area is equipped with photovoltaic panels, which were connected to the grid in August 2019. Since then, we have been producing about 4 times the amount of green electricity per year that we would need for our own consumption with the excess being fed into the grid.
When e.g. the heating baths are also running at night for your trials, we supply them with 100% green electricity from our energy supplier. We are proud to be able to offer you all our services “powered by green energy” today.
For this year, we are also planning to implement PV electricity charging stations in order to be able to convert our fleet to sustainable technologies in the future and to offer our colleagues additional green value.


1998 MionTec started as a “one-man show”, not in the garage, but even “under the garage”.

2000 we built a laboratory for resin analyses and a pilot plant for laboratory tests at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences for rent. In addition, the first pilot plants were still built under the garage.

2001 we moved into rooms in Leverkusen-Lützenkirchen. How should we ever use the 265 m2, we said at the time.

2007 however, these rooms were already too small and a big move to Altenberger Line took place. There we built a large resin laboratory, which accommodated the steady growth in this business field. Our technical centre was already a small hall of 150 m2.

2012 we doubled our workshop and storage space again. This marked the growth strategy for MionTec: We perform all development phases for your new process or optimise your existing plant up to tender support for construction. The construction and rental of our pilot plants is an essential pillar for this. We sell them worldwide and the rental takes place in the European metropolitan area.

This comprehensive range of services thus offers you the greatest benefit, regardless of the current phase of your project.

Two further offers round off our spectrum for you: seminars as well as resin surveys, also two well-established business fields in the European area.

2013 the first technical book from our company was published: “The DI system”, which is now widely used in the industry.

2015 our dry grinding production plant was built. This produces dry special powders for the pharmaceutical industry under GMP-compliant standards.

2017 our staff strength reached 21 people. As the location on Altenberger Straße no longer offered any growth opportunities, we acquired a much larger building on Ernst-Bloch-Straße and moved in in October.

2021 We are 25 people. The technical centre and laboratory now cover an area of over 1500 m2 and 450 m2 of office space will allow us to take the next steps in growth in the future.

This means that we are also well equipped for your future tasks and the MionTec team looks forward to receiving your enquiries – however unusual they may be!

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