Our company

How it began…
At the beginning of 1998, MionTec was a “one-man show” that started not in the garage, but even “under the garage”.

Through cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, our laboratory for resin analyzation and a technical center for laboratory tests were developed quickly. The first pilot plants were also built. The construction and, in particular, rental of these plants is still an essential mainstay. We sell our equipment worldwide and the rental takes place in the European area.

In 2001 our new own rooms were moved to Leverkusen-Lützenkirchen. How should we ever use the 265 m2, it was said then. Quickly, however, these rooms were too small and a major move to Altenberger Straße was launched in 2007. There we were able to build a large resin laboratory, which took account of the steady growth in this business segment. Our technical center was already a real hall with 150 m2 and in 2012 our workshop and storage area was once again significantly increased.

This marked the growth strategy for MionTec: A complete offer for the trial-, development- and piloting phases up to tendering support for the construction of the large-scale plant is the way that offers you the most benefit as a customer. In addition there are two offers during the actual life phase of ion exchange systems: These are seminars and trainings as well as the resin pattern tests. Both are now well-established business areas in German and English-speaking countries.

In 2015, our first production plant, a dry grinding plant, was added. Here, special resin is produced under GMP-relevant standards for the pharmaceutical industry.

And today…
In 2017, our workforce reached 20 people, so that the location at the Altenberger Straße no longer offered growth opportunities. We moved into the Ernst-Bloch-Straße in a much larger building. We have still remained faithful to our location in Leverkusen, which also has the great advantage that our colleagues, who have been faithful to us for many years, still have short commutes.

The pilot plant and laboratory now has an area of more than 800 m2 and our offices allow us to continue the next steps of growth in the future as more than 2500 m2 are available for our expansion.

We are therefore well equipped for your future tasks and the MionTec team is looking forward to your inquiries; it’s even so unusual!

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