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Bath rejuvenation

Your new process leads to the unwanted accumulation of metals?

A service life extension of the process bath or rinses is the solution. This will enable you to achieve sustainable use of the process solutions and a reduction in wastewater.

We help you by:

  • Lab-scale tests on the specific removal of certain ions in your process solution.
  • Simulations of bath composition development using ion exchange processes.
  • Pilot plants for larger scale trials on site (rent or purchase).
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Acid retardation

Acid retardation is a special case of extending the service life of process baths in metal surface technology. It is always interesting when the concentration of both the acid and the metal are in the several to many g/l range.

  • Scheme of the Acid-Retardation

Metal is removed from the bath by separating a take-out stream into a metal-rich/acid-poor stream (into the wastewater for disposal) and a metal-poor/acid-rich stream, which is returned to the bath. The aim of our process optimisation is to maximise metal removal with the lowest possible acid loss. Between these two extremes, the appropriate operating point is to be determined, which we can achieve by measurements in laboratory format.

Waste water treatment/waste water recycling

Many industrial processes produce wastewater that needs to be treated. Often, ion exchange processes offer a good opportunity to purify or even recycle the wastewater.

Just like wastewater, contaminated groundwater is often treated with ion exchangers. In addition to heavy metals, the impurities can also be organic compounds such as perfluorinated organic substances (PFOS).

We will find individual solutions for your problem.

To this end, we carry out tests for you in laboratory format, in which your wastewater is individually examined. In addition, you can test your new process intensively in your plant with a pilot plant for sale or rent before you spend a lot of money on a new plant and perhaps miss something.

Feel free to contact us. If you have questions, we can help with clear solutions.

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