The Reference Book on IEX Di-Plants

The German bestseller “Die VE-Anlage – Vollentsalzung mit Ionenaustauschern” by Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Mauer is now available in English!

“The DI-plant – Demineralisation with IEX-resins”

What you will find:

– A few essential water chemistry principles

– Function of the common ion exchanger classes

– Demineralisation process with ion exchangers

– Further chemical principles

– Design and planning of ion exchange plants

– Cost considerations

– Measurement methods, water analysis, resin analysis

– Plant analysis and troubleshooting


Try it out and read “The DI-plant”  get a sample as PDF.




By the way:

Our English seminar in Leverkusen on IEX-demineralisation on 26. + 27.9.19 has only a few participant places left.

It covers essentials of the topics mentioned above and has been held over many years now.

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