Products and services

If you like clear solutions we offer:
During preperation of the project
  • Technical consulting in the field of ion exchange and adsorbent resins
  • Design for purification and recycling of process streams
  • Ion exchange plant design
  • Support offer
During the project
  • Process development
  • Comprehensive pilot plant service including rental, planning, realisation and documentation
  • Development of technical software
  • Construction of specialized pilot plants
  • Construction of process control units for pilot plants
  • Delivery of specialiased adsorbers and adsorptionprocesses for organic or arsen/antimony/phosphate
  • Basic-Engineering and support for plant building
During operation of the plant
  • Examination and testing of resins
  • Seminars for plant operators and engineers
  • Delivery of special desinfectants that don’t affect ion exchange resins
  • Analysis of existing plants and processes with comprehensive simulation software
  • Long track record and experience in ion exchange and adsorbent resin technologies

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